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The latest issue, Spring 2022, is being delivered to the residents of the Five Villages by our dedicated team of volunteers. Due to the government restrictions in force concerning the coronavirus, copies may also be available for reading in Holywell Library and in some pubs and cafés within the Five Villages area . Please do not remove those copies but leave them for others to enjoy.

The cover: This image reflects how Boudica might have looked.  Read about a new book which makes a connection to her in this part of Flintshire. See page 9.

This issue is now downloadable (see below). It is a zip file so save it and then double click to open it. As it is in PDF format we suggest Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader (both free) to view it. All content is copyright and so you will not be able to print or copy from these files. If you would like to do this then please email the editor.

We welcome comment and contributions to your newspaper and in particular local news and announcements. Our email address is editor@5villages.org.uk

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We publish four times a year, usually March, June, September and December.

We welcome any news and articles which may be of interet to our readers, including family announcements.

The deadline for submission of articles, letters, announcements and advertising for inclusion in the next issue is 20th May 2022.

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